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Children's Liturgy Resources

Normally, the Children’s Liturgy sessions take place during Holy Mass at 10:30 a.m. on Sunday mornings. They are friendly and informal sessions. After welcoming the children, we start by making the Sign of the Cross and say a short "sorry prayer", in place of the Penitential Act (I confess…). We then focus on the Gospel reading of the day. One of the adults, or a child, reads a version of the Gospel in which the theme is maintained but the wording is adapted to make it easier for younger children to understand. Following the reading of the Gospel, we talk about the story of the Gospel and explain it in a child-friendly way. Then the children may do colouring / wordsearch / puzzle or some other activity relevant to the day’s reading. The children re-join the full community at the offertory of the Mass.

These resources can be downloaded and/or printed to be used by parents with their children at home, while the restrictions of COVID-19 prevent us from attending Holy Mass. Please use these resources as you feel best suited to your child(ren). They are just ideas and the discussions and activities can be adapted for children of different ages. This page will be updated with new resources every week.

We miss seeing the children and look forward to meeting up again once the restrictions allow.

The Children’s Liturgy team of helpers.

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